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Marketing Strategy

A well-developed marketing strategy underlines business's goals and builds a strong reputation. It helps identify the target audience and channel efforts to devise plans for gaining a formidable market share.

In the ever dynamic and increasingly competitive business environment, there is an incessant need to modify existing marketing campaigns and product strategies to match persistently changing customer preferences, thereby staying ahead of competition. This necessitates constant generation and evaluation insights on consumers and competitors, making research an essential part of your marketing strategy. Steeple Research provides the required ‘eye on the market’ to keep you updated of any changes, to ensure that the marketing strategy remains relevant and targeted.

We gather the required information about your market, such as its size, growth, social trends and demographics (population statistics such as age, gender and family type), to draw relevant insights pertaining to detecting new target segments, evaluating consumer behavior, and analyzing brand perception. Our experienced team of researchers has worked on diverse industries and is adeptly conversant with primary and secondary research techniques, and marketing and social media analytics to deliver concrete results.

The Marketing Strategy function covers the following aspects:

  • Market size and estimation
  • Market entry options
  • Target customer segment identification
  • Marketing analytics
  • Case Study
  • Testimonials

The client, a US-based apparel brand, intended to re-evaluate the ‘in-house manufacturing’ strategyand identify most suitable low cost sourcing destinations.

A UK-based fast food chain wanted to evaluate its negotiating leverage against its prominent supplier for an upcoming contract renewal

A real estate consulting company intended to assess the cost of commencing a 50-member software firm in capital cities of select developed and developing countries

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