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Marketing and Branding Analytics

Steeple Research’s marketing analytics solutions help clients in improve their customer and brand equity. We offer expertise in branding and marketing activities along with support across the entire customer lifecycle. We help our clients enhance the ROE on marketing by offering them customized solutions to optimize spend and improve overall customer experience.

Our solutions help in making fact based decisions concerning product, pricing, placement, and promotions to improve the return on marketing spend. We help in designing value propositions for target customers, deciding on the price sensitivity, utilizing channels of marketing to reach the desired audience. Our marketing analytics solutions include:

Market Measurement : Demand forecasting services based on customer insights for planning and budgeting purposes. This enables our clients to make price adjustments, streamline their promotional activities and take into account any mismatch in supply/demand.

Pricing Management : In-depth price sensitivity analysis taking competitor prices and product offerings into account. This helps our clients in estimating the consumer willingness to pay and in setting up of price for the offerings for maximum profits.

Campaign Management : Helps in improving marketing campaigns by refining the designing and focusing on improving the overall response rate of the campaigns.

Media Mix Management : Analyze spend on each advertising media and the return on investment associated with it. We then assist the spend distribution of our client to ensure the right resources being utilized for the identified right marketing media used by the client.

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A US based windows manufacturer was observing loss in revenue due to lack of standard pricing list & wanted to create a central repository of list price and discount factors for each product-customer combination.

Investment Prioritization through consumer behavioral Modeling for a US based real estate firm. Steeple was engaged to conduct a customer behavior analysis to understand the drivers that attract a customer towards a housing property.

Customer Segmentation Analysis for a leading Cloud Solutions Provider. Steeple was engaged to build an adoptive model which would help the client identify its most profitable and important clients to run targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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“Customer detail coverage is very comprehensive. This dashboard is the solution that we were looking for. Greatly simplifies our work and saves a lot of time. Thanks a lot guys.”

~Global Pharmaceutical Company

“The level of insight and the presentation (final report) is commendable. Would be a great push for our marketing campaign revamp. Impressive commitment with such short turnaround time. Very well done and thanks for the great work.”

~US Based Private Equity

“Great data crunching and grasping abilities. Very good response for some of my untimely requests. Commendable job team.”

~Leading Consumer Goods Manufacturer