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Steeple Research is a leading provider of professional services in the fields of procurement intelligence and market research, corporate strategy and data analytics. We thrive for excellence in our assignments to help our clients move forward with their businesses. We leverage proven methodologies to help our clients enhance their productivity and capabilities for gaining an edge in the market.

Steeple’s highly motivated and talented teams provide us with a competitive advantage, which is leveraged in generating actionable insights and long lasting solutions for our clients. As the work we do is highly qualitative and of the highest standard, we constantly seek motivated individuals having high levels of temperament, commitment and ownership along with superior logic and knowledge.

Quality and excellence are the core values of Steeple Research. We pride ourselves on possessing a professional, nurturing, and transparent work environment with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Steeple’s employees, while being the ‘cream of the crop’ are not only good at their job, but with diverse talents and a will to succeed, they make sure that the client gets the best of their talent, productivity and efficiency. We make sure that all our employees undergo in-house training sessions on a variety of vital as well as supplementary issues on regular intervals to develop their all-round capabilities - the end result of which would reflect in their work and on our client’s performance. Our ever-growing team as a result of our low employee churns and high staff retention ratio ensures a stronger and more structured career path for our employees and is depictive of their trust in the organization.

We aspire to attract people who:

  • are high performers with a strong academic background
  • have excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • have the drive to learn and excel in everything they do
  • are team players and have the spirit to collaborate
  • are independent thinkers and decision makers
  • have high spirit of ownership
  • have outstanding business sense

Not everyone fits this profile, but if you do, speak to us. Find out if Steeple provides you the opportunity to grow your career.

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