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Data Analytics

A US based windows manufacturer was observing loss in revenue due to lack of standard pricing list & wanted to create a central repository of list price and discount factors for each product-customer combination.

Steeple used the historical sales data of the client to create a standardized list price and discount for each customer-product combination. Steeple’s team also developed a VBA based tool calculator which provided sales representatives with list price, discount factor and final sell price for the selected product-customer combinations.


This helped the client in offering higher discounts to the customers on standard list prices without impacting their sell price, as well as, cured any revenue leakages at the client end due to inconsistent billing.

Investment Prioritization through consumer behavioral Modeling for a US based real estate firm. Steeple was engaged to conduct a customer behavior analysis to understand the drivers that attract a customer towards a housing property.

Steeple presented an in-depth report giving the overall understanding of the market scenario, target customers for the client, most important factors influencing the decision to lease a housing property, important facilities provided in the housing, and a price sensitivity meter for the client giving details about the competitor prices along with the point of marginal expensiveness for customers of different nature and persona.


The client was able to make changes to its marketing campaigns in different regions while focusing on the key factors identified by Steeple. This lead to roughly 20% rise in the overall leases signed in the year.

Customer Segmentation Analysis for a leading Cloud Solutions Provider. Steeple was engaged to build an adoptive model which would help the client identify its most profitable and important clients to run targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Steeple designed a dynamic excel based automation model to create customer segments based on geographic spread, loyalty, monthly recurring revenue, and demographics to help the client identify the key accounts.


The model was incorporated in the system by the sales and marketing team of the client and is being successfully used since the past year.