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Strategy and Marketing Intelligence

The client, a US-based apparel brand, intended to re-evaluate the ‘in-house manufacturing’ strategy and identify most suitable low cost sourcing destinations.

Steeple Research evaluated the global apparel production by categories and identified the major supply and demand destinations. We conducted a detailed assessment of export hubs comparing each country on multiple quantitative (production, exports, wages and productivity) qualitative parameters (distribution channel, market trends, risk profile, business environment and competitor practices).


The client was able to make an informed decision regarding the type of apparel to be manufactured by near-shore/offshore partners, emerging sourcing destinations for risk diversification and incorporating industry best practices.

A UK-based fast food chain wanted to evaluate its negotiating leverage against its prominent supplier for an upcoming contract renewal.

Steeple Research conducted a detailed assessment utilizing secondary and primary research to provide the client a complete understanding of the market. We evaluated the market size and growth rates, demand drivers, end-use industries, supply-demand equilibrium, potential vendor identification, profile and benchmarking, cost and margin analysis, and pricing trends.


We used the information gathered to narrow down factors capable of influencing negotiations, enabling the client to exert suitable bargaining power.

A real estate consulting company intended to assess the cost of commencing a 50-member software firm in capital cities of select developed and developing countries.

Our team prepared a detailed cost model by evaluating various costs involved in typical operations. It involved thorough secondary research across various ministry websites of each country to extract the relevant information for each city. We evaluated information for each city on salaries at various levels, area required and lease cost, commercial electricity charges, interest rates and corporate tax rate.


The client used the model in its report that was published on comparison of cost of doing business in various cities.