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Spend Analytics

Often being touted as the prime driver of global outsourcing initiatives, low cost is actually just another important reason for globalizing your supplier base. The basic need for any organization to engage in strategic sourcing is to optimize total spending. The first step in strategic sourcing and spend reduction is the identification of the categories that your business must focus on.

We provide in-depth analysis of the overall spend of an organization to identify the key focus areas to reduce costs. This analysis facilitates sourcing performance, reduces maverick spend, increases compliance and generates savings. Steeple Research’s spend analysis provides the clients with aggregated spends by commodity, supplier, category and current contract costs with methods to consolidate, clean and classify spend data across multiple departments, systems and multiple corporate locations. Our spend analytics services transcend traditional automated solutions by integrating analyst and category intelligence into the Insight development process. We highlight not only the synopsis of your organization in terms of specific category performance, but also how it stacks up against best-in-class category management practices.

We deliver this work through a specialist analyst team that has rigorous data analytics capabilities, backed by strong primary and secondary research skills. The result is comprehensive category intelligence that is based on a blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and guided by deep category intelligence and insight.

The spend analysis answers questions such as:
  • How much are we buying for?
  • What are we buying?
  • From whom do we buy it?
  • How do we buy it?
  • Case Study
  • Testimonials

The client, a US-based apparel brand, intended to re-evaluate the ‘in-house manufacturing’ strategyand identify most suitable low cost sourcing destinations.

A UK-based fast food chain wanted to evaluate its negotiating leverage against its prominent supplier for an upcoming contract renewal

A real estate consulting company intended to assess the cost of commencing a 50-member software firm in capital cities of select developed and developing countries

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“Their hard work was clearly visible in the report presented to us. Focus on generating actionable insights while always keeping in mind the end objective. I would definitely recommend other departments in my company to work with them. My compliments for a job very well executed."

~Global Oil & Gas Company

“Engaging them (Steeple) for the first time, I would say that we have never had a better experience of working with a knowledge partner. Analysis presented for the supplier landscape as well the sourcing strategies were of apex quality. Very well done. Commendable commitment and professionalism."

~ Fortune 100 Chemicals Manufacturer

“Never again have to worry before entering in a new geography as we have our supplier identification specialists (Steeple). Please accept our appreciation guys. Keep up the good work and thanks for supporting us.”

~ Leading Quick Service Restaurant Chain

“Knowledge partners like Steeple do not realize the kind of difference they make to us. Your should-cost modeling exercise was a great help. Managed to save nearly $2 million of our annual costs using your analysis. Please congratulate your team on our behalf. Outstanding work guys. Cheers”

~ Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

“The report is excellent. After this level of service delivery and commitment, I would definitely ask my colleagues to engage with you. Your work is greatly appreciated.”

~Leading Auto-Ancillary Parts Manufacturer